What is a POS System? A POS or point-of-sale system consists of hardware combined with software that helps manage your business helping you streamline your daily operations. Businesses use these POS systems for inventory management, employee management, customer loyalty, payroll, vendor management and much more. There are many appealing benefits

2 thoughts on “What is a POS System & Do I Need One?

  1. You say the system is free, but is it really? I have a little credit card machine that was “free”, but it still cost me plenty!

    1. Hello Brian,

      You’re correct, the merchant service industry has been plagued by the terminology of “free” equipment and honestly we do too. However, the term is fine if the company is upfront with you about what is technically “free”. Our explanation is simple, we are providing your choice of POS System for no upfront cost and a small monthly service fee and software fee depending on the system. Basically your gonna pay something for any POS system on the market because these systems are not cheap. If you shop around, there is no one on the market that can beat our monthly costs. If you by chance find someone that is, they will not have the quality support, hardware, software, lifetime warranty and 30 day trial that we do and their rates are more than likely astronomical. If you want to see a comparison of our 2 POS Systems and then compare them to other companies we are more than confident we will prevail over any competitor. Regardless of what you find make sure you do your due diligence.


      Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions,

      HarborPOS Staff

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