Save time and money with Harbortouch POS for quick service, pizzerias, delivery restaurants, food trucks and cafes. The Harbortouch POS systems allow quick service restaurants to not only focus on their inside traffic, but can also offer a delivery service to their customers front door.


• Driver Management: The delivery dashboard gives you a complete
control of your delivery drivers. From the dashboard, you can see which
drivers are available and who is out on delivery. You can easily assign
drivers to specific orders and monitor how long the driver has been on
delivery. You can also view order details and see how long each order
has been waiting.

• Driver Dispatch: Easily assign drivers to specific orders, view
order details and even see how long each order has been waiting.

• Driver Contol: Send Text Messages to drivers.

• Reminders: Automated reminders for drivers to include
drinks, salads or other items that are sometimes forgotten.

• Delivery Charges: Set up different charges by geographic zone.

• Mapping:Advanced mapping functionality for delivery orders allows
you to print directions right on the receipt. You can even print directions
with multiple stops to efficiently deliver more than one order in a single trip.

• Caller ID Integration: The software features advanced caller ID integration
to easily manage incoming calls. View each customer’s contact
information and order history as the call comes in and then assign
each call to a new order in a single step.

• Flexible Pricing: Easily set up and customize coupons, specials
or other discounts. Discounts can be manually entered or can be
automatically calculated based on day, time or items ordered.

• Employee Management: Access a complete employee
database, showing specific details on each staff member.
Track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime,
evaluate sales performance and manage security levels.

.• Customer Database: Quickly view customers’ order history
and personal information. Great for loyalty programs or for
serving up the “regular”.