Efficiently manage your business – whether it’s a clothing store, convenience store, supermarket, hardware store, boutiques, jewelry store, gift shops, hobby stores or any other type of retail location, Harbortouch has got you covered. Harbortouch’s POS systems come with a hardware and software bundle that is so versatile it provides businesses with the flexibility to operate at a the highest efficiency, allowing you to maximize your profitability.


• Inventory Tracking:Import your existing inventory database
in a snap. Once your inventory has been uploaded, the system
will track your sales to monitor your stock levels and even
create purchase orders automatically when stock runs low.

• Vendor Management: Organize all your suppliers and
other vendors in a single database to manage all of your
important business relationships.

• Consignment: Resell items on consignment while tracking
how much money should be paid to the consignor.

• Layaway: Layaway allows customers to reserve a particular item to
purchase at a later date. The customer can then make payments
toward the item until it has been paid in full. Stock levels are reduced
when an item is on layaway and automatically replenished if the
layaway is cancelled.

• Purchase Order Creation: You can create purchase orders directly
through your POS system for easy inventory management and item

• Flexible Pricing: Easily set up and customize coupons, specials
or other discounts. Discounts can be manually entered or can be
automatically calculated based on day, time or items ordered.

• Color/Size/Style Matrix: Ideal for clothing and footwear
stores, easily set up an attribute matrix that includes different
colors, sizes and styles, streamlining the item selection and
order process.

• Gift Registry: Customers can make a list of items they would like to
receive as gifts for a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation
or new baby and item quantities are automatically updated as
purchases are made.

.• Gift Receipts: Gift receipts don’t include prices so that
customers can purchase gifts while enabling easy returns
and exchanges.

• Employee Management: Access a complete employee
database, showing specific details on each staff member.
Track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime,
evaluate sales performance and manage security levels.

.• Customer Database: Quickly view customers’ order history
and personal information. Great for loyalty programs or for
serving up the “regular”.

.• Employee Commissions: Pay your employees commissions
for selling particular products. Commissions can be awarded
as a percentage of the sale price, percentage of the profit or a
flat amount.